Be yourself, everyone else is taken- Oscar Wilde.

We live in very challenging times where we experience the pain and pressure from different aspects of our livelihoods. Irrespective of our age, we face challenges that if not careful will throw us back to the starting point.

There is always an idea of WHO CARES ANYWAY? But in reality we are faced with realities that we have to overcome as individuals. It is only when we have our “Alone time” that we feel pain and understand the difficulties we are facing at that time.

Irrespective of what we think of ourselves, we need to reevaluate and ask if we are living a lie or living as we should. For example, Our society has pressed us to believe that you’ve to be rich to be happy. We have been tuned to believe that money and happiness go hand in hand. It is unfortunate as true as this might sound, it is also a big lie.

We only rock up to reality when we interact and listen from the people who have “Made it” in life. With this I mean the people who we think are living the dream. I have had a chance to interact with some successful people and i was so shocked to realize that i was told a lie. From the conversation, they explained to me how challenging it is to be rich and wealthy, and how millions are living a lie to make a living.

I understood that to be fully happy and comfortable, We need to live a life of honor where we appreciate who we are and be comfortable in our own shoes. If we can appreciate how we are created, what we have and build on it, then in the long run we will find ourselves living a life of satisfaction and less headaches.

Live, laugh and love are the 3 main goals we should always desire to achieve. Money and Wealth should serve us while we achieve these goals.


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