My MotherLand – Kenya

14th March every year reminds me of the amazing day and time my wife landed in this beatiful country Australia. As she always says since she was young she always dreamt that one day she will either visit or live. But that a story of another day. I kept tracking the flight location all through the 16 hour flight. The most amazing part of the story, She landed safely and here she is 4 years later an amazing wife and mother to our 2 beautiful kids. That’s one of many amazing success stories of EMK consultants where we worked on the process from point A to Z and made it happen.

Anyways I thought that was a nice ice breaker since i wanted to share something about Kenya. Most of my Australian friends ask me if i know south Africa. Then they ask me again if i’m from Africa. I love it when i realise that so many “Wazungu”(caucasian) friends have no idea where their black friends come from. I feel maybe we need to start sinking deeper and understanding the geographical locations where our dear ones originate and listen to their stories. Other Wazungus will think of Africa as the place where donations head. I met a few who said theyre scared of visiting since there is lots of War and poverty – well thats not entirely true.

I have lost count how many have asked me the Question,”IF GOD IS REAL, WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN DYING OF HUNGER IN AFRICA”?. Everytime i hear this i imagine of my small farm and community down at Kithaathai Village where PEACE REIGNS and business as usual. I used to visit neghbours and friends without an appointment or particular schedule.

My lovely neighbours and community would not have much to give but always had lots to share. I never experienced war nor turmoil. But then i remember for sure we have some areas that experience the wars and poverty but to be honest, AFRICA, specifically KENYA we have moved from what the MEDIA SHOWS IN THE WESTERN WORLD.

I do understand for the purpose of charity and raising money this might be a necessity to touch the heart of WAZUNGU’s. Whenever i meet a MZUNGU and they express the pain that Africa is in pieces, i remind that some are “fake news” they should visit and see for themselves. Look at this wonderful country.

Kenya is a beatiful tropical weather country where we define our weather as wet or dry seasons. I remember my first time seating for my english exam in the british council Nairobi, My examiner asked me about the four seasons experienced in Australia. Thank God I learnt this while in high school. otherwise i would say, Rainy, Sunny, Cold and Hot. Kenya is well known internationally because of our amazing long distance runners and our rugby team who travels all over the world but barely wins the leagues. But for the marathon, “WE ALWAYS CARRY THE DAY..ITS IN OUR DNA”…wow!!!

Dear Kenyans, wherever you meet a tourist visiting Kenya, Please do not keep them only in the luxury hotels around Mombasa ,Nairobi, Machakos, Thika, Nakuru, kisumu ete instead take our tourists to some of the toughest places in Kenya and let them experience and see how amazing our country evolved from poverty towards better economic status. I do also suggest tourist to request the same.I cannot deny we have some extreme cases but i can promise we are on another level. Interms of insecurity, the government has done a great job to provide patrol vehicles and guard to support and provide security. Isn’t that amazing?

Did you know that Kenya is well known as a dream destination because of its wild life and cultural ceremonies held within the Maasai communities. Kenya is also for its amazing peace keeping troops that engage in peace keeping engagements in East Africa. The few people i have met who have visited Kenya never forgets of the Safari and the Maasai people. i have met a few who confirmed that they visited our National parks and were promised to see all the big five but ended up seeing a zebra and then the tour guide said. THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT Time…AHAHAH.

i can describe so much about this country that brought me up and instilled the qualities that i have. i am gratefull that the same environment raised my wife and hopefully it will be impacting the way of thinking for our kids. As Kenyans say,”IF YOU CAN LIVE IN KENYA HAPPILY, THEN YOU CAN SURVIVE ANYWHERE IN THE GLOBE INCLUDING Antarctica”. It is a coutry that builds resilience, toughness and instill survival tactics including,”Kitu Kidogo”. Show me a kenyan in any part of the world who isnt doing amazing, and i will show you a Kenyan who didnt experience the pressure of a Kenyan spirit while growing up. I cannot forget the tropical climate that leads to tropical fruits…Oh my!!!! The mangoes, oranges, pineapples, pawpaws etcetera. Taste our mangoes and youll never go mango less while in Kenya. Thankyou Kenya for MAKING ME, MOULDING ME and buidling a foundation for my survival. I love you Kenya.

If youve never visited Kenya, please take time and visit this East African beatiful country in the continent of Africa. And by the way, Africa has 54 countries so dear Wazungu friends, ask Your black friend/s to be specific on what part/country they come from.

And thats the story of my Motherland.


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