baby steps

We exist and live for a purpose I believe. Each one of us experiences life in a different spectrum. It is possible that the challenges and pressures we face in life shapes us differently. We have goals we crave to achieve as well as challenges we have to face.

It is important that we acknowledge the power of taking baby steps. Once a baby has been born, The parents will admire their young and innocent face as well as their soft and tender skin. Within a span of few months, Parents get used to the baby and they now start focusing on other issues of life that will enable the same baby enjoy life and be more healthy and secure.

In few years time, the baby will start mumbling and learning how to crawl. Before you notice, teeth pops out and we no more have a baby but a young kid who can jump around and face challenges. As adults we might think that babies face no challenges but they definitely face challenges defined by their level of growth. To us as adults, missing a meal isn’t a big deal, but to a baby that might be traumatic.

Being a father I have had an opportunity to see how babies grow and this has helped me understand the power of taking life at a time. Life will always hit us so hard that we feel we are the only ones experiencing the pain. We get tempted to take short cuts and think that we will achieve our dreams quicker. That’s not true!. We need to re-evaluate and defeat these lies. The reason we face challenges in life is that we come out stronger. Imagine of a life without barriers nor challenges. Life would be too easy to live.

Whatever you do or plan to achieve, take and plan your time. Face challenges in an orderly manner, knock them one by one, remember that one day you’ll get on the other side of the mountain stronger and wiser. Time to time you’ll start appreciating your patience and working towards hitting more valuable goals.

In conclusion, to live a successful life, Love yourself, Love your neighbor, and Love God. You will live a fulfilling life.

Stay Blessed.

Emmanuel M. Kitavi


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