Why we should get back to the kitchen.

These are interesting days when life seems to have been simplified by the services offered by mega businesses but if you think about it, we are losing it. Few years go we had the opportunity to learn and develop in our life skills but now with technology around us, We seem to be leaning so heavily on machinery for our daily survival.

Think about the days you could jump in the kitchen and prepare a nice meal. What has changed, Why are we depending on restaurants for our survival. Why do we think that someone’s else food is more delicious than our?

Have you ever thought why restaurant kitchens have only “STAFF ONLY signage?”. Now you should have some glimpse of what they hide and do behind the scenes. No one can guarantee the hygiene nor the quality of the food they offer. Unfortunately we cannot even know when we consume harmful meals. We might end up with upset tummies but we cannot track the source of our problems.

Learn how to cook for yourself and your family. Take time and grow interest. The best meal to consume is the meal youve personally prepared. Comeon, Lets do this. Let get back to the kitchen and eat healthy.

Many Blessings

Emmanuel Kitavi.


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simple, imperfect and working towards perfection .

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