Do we ever think about DEATH?

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There are two major stages of life that we cannot avoid irrespective of how much we try. They are, The day we are born and the day we will die. These life stages are so important but we tend to think less about them. We tend to consider the date we were born and depending on the society we live in, We celebrate our annual Birth days. I know Birthdays aren’t important in some communities and they actually believe so long as you were born, be thankful that your are alive! lol.

Now, let talk about the other stage of life that we ignore most- The day we will kick the buckets or pass on. There has been lots of ideologies of where we go or the destiny we face once we die. So many theories and beliefs have been taught and humans are day and night seeking to know the truth. The sad part is, once we are gone, no one comes back to say what they saw and that’s the mystery about death. There are stories of few people who have died and resurrected but then we tend to ignore what they say and worry more on what we will face once we die.

As much as death is a mystery, we cannot fully understand what happens after death if we do not appreciate and acknowledge where we came or originated from. If a survey would be completed, we would realize how much unsure or uncertain we are about life after death. Both the religious and the Atheists would have two very different views, where as there would be others who have no idea which category they fall in.

As we live it is important to acknowledge how sophisticated and unique we are. It is crucial to appreciate that there are things that normality or nature cannot think or create. We should acknowledge that there is a supreme behind all the design around us. Look at yourself on the mirror. Think about the design of your eyes, the veins in your body, the ability to differentiate taste and smell, the rhythm of your breath as well as the pump in close to your lungs. Think about your brain, have a close study of how each one of us has senses, emotions and feelings. How can Nature create such?. Is this the same nature we are working to save by 2050? Governments have to meet and agree how we will reach the 0 gas emission target.

We were created! We were designed! There is a creator behind the beauty around us. If you’ve no idea who he is, then its good to ask. Who is my creator? Reveal yourself to me. once we have an idea of who he is, then we would understand our destiny once we die. Visit at a close-by cemetery, think about how many lifeless bodies are lying in the graves never to wake up again and experience what we are experiencing. Their spirits are on a different world. They are dead. Think about the year 2121, neither me or you will be existing. We will join them. Where will we be? Do we have hope?

We are responsible to ensure that we have life after death will be exciting and joyous. But that cannot happen if we do not agree that the one who designed us, will be the same one who will take us back.

AND THATS GOD. Know Him, because he Knows you.

Stay Blessed.



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