I should click the FOLLOW BUTTON!

Photo by Arthur Brognoli on Pexels.com

We live in very interesting times. When I flashback a few years ago I remember how we used to support and believe in one another. I remember the brotherhood, neighborhood, and the comrade spirit that pushed us going and during our tough days.

Do you remember the days when we had only one car or a phone booth in the village or suburb? Everyone in the neighborhood used to line up and wait for their turn to press that button and contact their loved ones. Sometimes you could wait for more than an hour and once your turn comes, your loved one wouldn’t pick up…WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT…But guess what, we sailed through all those challenges and today we are here stronger than ever. We have mobile phones with us.

What’s interesting is the change in how we support each other. Having social media around us we tend to feel that everything is reachable and we ignore physical meetings. There is something about catching up and interacting face to face. With covid 19 around, the bar has been lifted to a level where if we are not careful, we might never see each other for ages. Anyways, let’s not forget to check on each other and the purpose of the meetup.

With that being said, the support system has changed these days. We were once donating money, forming welfare groups, donating food, etc. But, clicking the follow button has become the way to support one another. Once you follow me and I follow you, then we are heading to a better place. This means we all need an audience. Having enough followers gives you the confidence that someone at least learns from you and you’re never alone.

IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE WE FOLLOW ONE ANOTHER AND CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR WORK. We will feel like we are living in the past beautiful social days.

Stay Blessed loved as you follow this blog.

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