2022, The Year of Ticking off.

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On the 1st of January every year we all mark a beginning of a new chapter / season of our life’s. Most of us cannot wait to watch the beautiful fireworks exploding in different cities of the world. In some places it is nearly impossible to have fireworks so people have other ways to welcome the new year.

When I was growing up, every 31st December was a night at church praying, singing, worshipping and dancing. At midnight 1/1 we would jubilate and express joy and love as much as possible to usher in a new season.

Irrespective of how we celebrate, we always have to remember that its one thing to have a new year with us, and its another thing to keep track of the goals. We should always remember that celebrations, hangovers and fun vanishes within the first week of January.

However, it is crucial to remember to have solid goals that you draw and setup every year. Think and establish different visions that will give you direction as you step forward and face the days. Irrespective of the challenges of the pandemic, we also have the ability to draw our own plan and focus who to become by the end of the year. I read the book of Habakkuk 2:2b “……Write the vision; make it plain on tablets….. and it got me thinking how important it is to transfer what we think to a script. There is power in noting them down and ticking them.

Over the years, I have learned to write my goals, accomplish and tick them off. This has helped me celebrate the year-end more than year-start. It is an amazing feeling to look back and celebrate what you’ve achieved. This makes you want to accomplish more in the new year and get your life running more maturely and smoothly. As much as you enjoy the achievements you’ve made, do not forget to self-reflect and think about the mistakes you’ve made and how to correct them. Always remember you equally learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.

Its 2022, face the year with courage, motivation and remember challenges will never cease. Tick off your goals by day, week and month and see you in December as we reflect.

Have a fabulous 2022.



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