Should I cook or order food?

Lets talk about our Eating Habits.

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There is a lot of information out there explaining and encouraging us to stay fit as well as eat healthy. Our life’s have been challenged by the change of how we do things. Food processing has become technologized. Companies have opted to make profits but put people’s lives at risk. SAD!

Due to our busy schedules, we have been caught up in trying to cook faster or enjoy fast food. According to a research completed by Roy Morgan, three-quarters of Australians aged 14+(over 15million Australians) ordered fast food in an average of 4 weeks. MacDonald’s seemed to take lead with the highest number of orders on a weekly basis.

With the introduction of Drive – throughs, fast food orders have become the norm of the day. Who wants to take time and prepare a salad bowl yet they have an option of going though a drive way and order whatever they need. It’s a competition between time, health as well as money. There are Pro’s and Cons to all these “Make life easy options” but there is a big cost that we pay by the end of the day.

Did you imagine that one day you’ll be sitting on your couch and food delivered at your door at a press of a button? Last year uber eats made a profit of over $4.8 billion just from food deliveries. A company that was launched in 2014 (Less than 10 years ago). This tells us that we are depending more on restaurants and forgetting to make our own restaurant at home.

With this rate, in the next 50 years we will have a generation that prefers to never cook but loves enjoying what others have made. I always believe the best meal is the one you’ve invested in making. You understand the recipe, the process and the taste of your cooking.

This is the time you start appreciating yourself through your kitchen. As much as you take time to work and do other things, take time and cook some nice meals for yourself. They always say,” Treat yourself!”. Jump on that kitchen, come up with a recipe or check one on the internet then make it happen. You’ll be surprised how amazing job you can do.

Imagine a world that every-one gets back to the kitchen and cooks. We have enough food supply to sustain us. We have hardworking farmers ensuring that the supply chain is never broken. But we need more cooks at home. I believe we have the power to overturn the unhealthy habits that have captured our beliefs about Preparing our own meals. Let’s go back to the BASICS and make our kitchen busy.


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