How to apply for working with children check in Australia.

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Once you arrive in a new country, you might face some challenges trying to figure out what to do and when. One of the biggest challenge is to acquire a job and be able to sustain yourself. It is important have a know how of where to look or search for jobs. In most first countries, the tax system is well setup and you might find it get a job if you haven’t received your tax file number. Which is a good starting point.

Secondly, it is difficult to acquire a job without the right checks. For example, In Australia, all the states conduct checks that are very important while applying to work in most industries. These checks are also crucial while trying to apply for casual jobs.

Remember to apply for the following as soon as you arrive .

  1. Police check.
  2. Working with vulnerable people(States name it differently – find attached links).
  3. Photo Id,
  4. change your driver license.
  5. Apply for Tax file number.
  6. start short courses to help you acquire a job.’

Link to apply for working with vulnerable people as per the state.

New South Wales:- Australia Capital Territory :-

TASMANIA: - Western Australia: – Northern Territories:- South Australia:-

Remember, some of the checks take a long time to be processed. Some employers might still go ahead with employing you if they’ve the application reference number . Its important to apply for these checks immediately you land in the country. Processing fees will be charged to acquire these cards.

You only need one card for the state you live in.

Hope you settle in with minimal interruptions.


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