Be yourself, everyone else is taken- Oscar Wilde.

We live in very challenging times where we experience the pain and pressure from different aspects of our livelihoods. Irrespective of our age, we face challenges that if not careful will throw us back to the starting point.

There is always an idea of WHO CARES ANYWAY? But in reality we are faced with realities that we have to overcome as individuals. It is only when we have our “Alone time” that we feel pain and understand the difficulties we are facing at that time.

Irrespective of what we think of ourselves, we need to reevaluate and ask if we are living a lie or living as we should. For example, Our society has pressed us to believe that you’ve to be rich to be happy. We have been tuned to believe that money and happiness go hand in hand. It is unfortunate as true as this might sound, it is also a big lie.

We only rock up to reality when we interact and listen from the people who have “Made it” in life. With this I mean the people who we think are living the dream. I have had a chance to interact with some successful people and i was so shocked to realize that i was told a lie. From the conversation, they explained to me how challenging it is to be rich and wealthy, and how millions are living a lie to make a living.

I understood that to be fully happy and comfortable, We need to live a life of honor where we appreciate who we are and be comfortable in our own shoes. If we can appreciate how we are created, what we have and build on it, then in the long run we will find ourselves living a life of satisfaction and less headaches.

Live, laugh and love are the 3 main goals we should always desire to achieve. Money and Wealth should serve us while we achieve these goals.


How to apply for working with children check in Australia.

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Once you arrive in a new country, you might face some challenges trying to figure out what to do and when. One of the biggest challenge is to acquire a job and be able to sustain yourself. It is important have a know how of where to look or search for jobs. In most first countries, the tax system is well setup and you might find it get a job if you haven’t received your tax file number. Which is a good starting point.

Secondly, it is difficult to acquire a job without the right checks. For example, In Australia, all the states conduct checks that are very important while applying to work in most industries. These checks are also crucial while trying to apply for casual jobs.

Remember to apply for the following as soon as you arrive .

  1. Police check.
  2. Working with vulnerable people(States name it differently – find attached links).
  3. Photo Id,
  4. change your driver license.
  5. Apply for Tax file number.
  6. start short courses to help you acquire a job.’

Link to apply for working with vulnerable people as per the state.

New South Wales:- https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check. Australia Capital Territory :-https://www.myaccount.act.gov.au/WWVPNDIS/s/wwvp-ndis-new-application-v2

TASMANIA: -https://cbos.tas.gov.au/topics/licensing-and-registration/work-with-vulnerable-people. Western Australia: – https://workingwithchildren.wa.gov.au/ Northern Territories:- https://nt.gov.au/emergency/community-safety/working-with-children-clearance-before-you-apply. South Australia:- https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/rights-and-law/rights-and-responsibilities/screening-checks.

Remember, some of the checks take a long time to be processed. Some employers might still go ahead with employing you if they’ve the application reference number . Its important to apply for these checks immediately you land in the country. Processing fees will be charged to acquire these cards.

You only need one card for the state you live in.

Hope you settle in with minimal interruptions.

Should I cook or order food?

Lets talk about our Eating Habits.

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There is a lot of information out there explaining and encouraging us to stay fit as well as eat healthy. Our life’s have been challenged by the change of how we do things. Food processing has become technologized. Companies have opted to make profits but put people’s lives at risk. SAD!

Due to our busy schedules, we have been caught up in trying to cook faster or enjoy fast food. According to a research completed by Roy Morgan, three-quarters of Australians aged 14+(over 15million Australians) ordered fast food in an average of 4 weeks. MacDonald’s seemed to take lead with the highest number of orders on a weekly basis.

With the introduction of Drive – throughs, fast food orders have become the norm of the day. Who wants to take time and prepare a salad bowl yet they have an option of going though a drive way and order whatever they need. It’s a competition between time, health as well as money. There are Pro’s and Cons to all these “Make life easy options” but there is a big cost that we pay by the end of the day.

Did you imagine that one day you’ll be sitting on your couch and food delivered at your door at a press of a button? Last year uber eats made a profit of over $4.8 billion just from food deliveries. A company that was launched in 2014 (Less than 10 years ago). This tells us that we are depending more on restaurants and forgetting to make our own restaurant at home.

With this rate, in the next 50 years we will have a generation that prefers to never cook but loves enjoying what others have made. I always believe the best meal is the one you’ve invested in making. You understand the recipe, the process and the taste of your cooking.

This is the time you start appreciating yourself through your kitchen. As much as you take time to work and do other things, take time and cook some nice meals for yourself. They always say,” Treat yourself!”. Jump on that kitchen, come up with a recipe or check one on the internet then make it happen. You’ll be surprised how amazing job you can do.

Imagine a world that every-one gets back to the kitchen and cooks. We have enough food supply to sustain us. We have hardworking farmers ensuring that the supply chain is never broken. But we need more cooks at home. I believe we have the power to overturn the unhealthy habits that have captured our beliefs about Preparing our own meals. Let’s go back to the BASICS and make our kitchen busy.

2022, The Year of Ticking off.

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On the 1st of January every year we all mark a beginning of a new chapter / season of our life’s. Most of us cannot wait to watch the beautiful fireworks exploding in different cities of the world. In some places it is nearly impossible to have fireworks so people have other ways to welcome the new year.

When I was growing up, every 31st December was a night at church praying, singing, worshipping and dancing. At midnight 1/1 we would jubilate and express joy and love as much as possible to usher in a new season.

Irrespective of how we celebrate, we always have to remember that its one thing to have a new year with us, and its another thing to keep track of the goals. We should always remember that celebrations, hangovers and fun vanishes within the first week of January.

However, it is crucial to remember to have solid goals that you draw and setup every year. Think and establish different visions that will give you direction as you step forward and face the days. Irrespective of the challenges of the pandemic, we also have the ability to draw our own plan and focus who to become by the end of the year. I read the book of Habakkuk 2:2b “……Write the vision; make it plain on tablets….. and it got me thinking how important it is to transfer what we think to a script. There is power in noting them down and ticking them.

Over the years, I have learned to write my goals, accomplish and tick them off. This has helped me celebrate the year-end more than year-start. It is an amazing feeling to look back and celebrate what you’ve achieved. This makes you want to accomplish more in the new year and get your life running more maturely and smoothly. As much as you enjoy the achievements you’ve made, do not forget to self-reflect and think about the mistakes you’ve made and how to correct them. Always remember you equally learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.

Its 2022, face the year with courage, motivation and remember challenges will never cease. Tick off your goals by day, week and month and see you in December as we reflect.

Have a fabulous 2022.


I should click the FOLLOW BUTTON!

Photo by Arthur Brognoli on Pexels.com

We live in very interesting times. When I flashback a few years ago I remember how we used to support and believe in one another. I remember the brotherhood, neighborhood, and the comrade spirit that pushed us going and during our tough days.

Do you remember the days when we had only one car or a phone booth in the village or suburb? Everyone in the neighborhood used to line up and wait for their turn to press that button and contact their loved ones. Sometimes you could wait for more than an hour and once your turn comes, your loved one wouldn’t pick up…WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT…But guess what, we sailed through all those challenges and today we are here stronger than ever. We have mobile phones with us.

What’s interesting is the change in how we support each other. Having social media around us we tend to feel that everything is reachable and we ignore physical meetings. There is something about catching up and interacting face to face. With covid 19 around, the bar has been lifted to a level where if we are not careful, we might never see each other for ages. Anyways, let’s not forget to check on each other and the purpose of the meetup.

With that being said, the support system has changed these days. We were once donating money, forming welfare groups, donating food, etc. But, clicking the follow button has become the way to support one another. Once you follow me and I follow you, then we are heading to a better place. This means we all need an audience. Having enough followers gives you the confidence that someone at least learns from you and you’re never alone.

IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE WE FOLLOW ONE ANOTHER AND CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR WORK. We will feel like we are living in the past beautiful social days.

Stay Blessed loved as you follow this blog.

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You can get & stay Married.

Do you believe in marriage?

There is a big difference between being Married and staying married. On 16th December 2016 I made a decision to start a family and walk down the aisle holding my now beautiful wife. It was a fantastic and amazing season of my life. As expected, I had to jump all the hurdles that came along with wedding preparations as well as overcome the cultural do and don’ts. What an experience!.. Getting to live with a friend as wife and do life together…Hurrah.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I remember the multitude of people who attended our wedding and how much they danced and celebrated us. I remember the beautiful words that so many spoke that day encouraging us to get used to this new life as well as start our new life with enthusiasm. With all the social support and love, once the wedding was over, it was up to my wife and I to keep the ball rolling. Friends and family will join up to invite you to the marriage life, but they wont teach you how to stay married. YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT.

Each one of uses a different path to get to marriage life. But, the fact and truth is, “You’re Married”. The question you should always ask is, “I’m I committed to do this?”.

Commitment is the word that most couples are struggling to understand. They tend to take it lightly or maybe not consider it important at all. You should always remember that commitment is the only way to achieve your dreams in any life decision. Couples should always remember to sign into this commitment deal as a dual but not as an individual. It is far much easier if both sign the same “commitment deal” than one trying to teach the other.

I think before we log in to marriage life, we should have a clear understanding of the life we are about to enter into and decide to fully dedicate as well decide to overcome the challenges involved. Get into marriage thinking about , how to love, trust, stay faithful as well as respect one another. There are other aspects involved but I think Trust, faithfulness, finances and love are the foundations if well taken care of, the other aspects will not shake you at all.

Incase you’re religious, what does your Holy book say about marriage? Do you respect the counsel offered by your spiritual friends or family? There is lots of wisdom and knowledge that if tapped can guide us through our marriage and help us navigate and enjoy our love life. click this link and learn some Bible guidelines that might change how you handle your marriage.


1 Corinthians 13:4-5 has greatly helped me.

 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

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Do we ever think about DEATH?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

There are two major stages of life that we cannot avoid irrespective of how much we try. They are, The day we are born and the day we will die. These life stages are so important but we tend to think less about them. We tend to consider the date we were born and depending on the society we live in, We celebrate our annual Birth days. I know Birthdays aren’t important in some communities and they actually believe so long as you were born, be thankful that your are alive! lol.

Now, let talk about the other stage of life that we ignore most- The day we will kick the buckets or pass on. There has been lots of ideologies of where we go or the destiny we face once we die. So many theories and beliefs have been taught and humans are day and night seeking to know the truth. The sad part is, once we are gone, no one comes back to say what they saw and that’s the mystery about death. There are stories of few people who have died and resurrected but then we tend to ignore what they say and worry more on what we will face once we die.

As much as death is a mystery, we cannot fully understand what happens after death if we do not appreciate and acknowledge where we came or originated from. If a survey would be completed, we would realize how much unsure or uncertain we are about life after death. Both the religious and the Atheists would have two very different views, where as there would be others who have no idea which category they fall in.

As we live it is important to acknowledge how sophisticated and unique we are. It is crucial to appreciate that there are things that normality or nature cannot think or create. We should acknowledge that there is a supreme behind all the design around us. Look at yourself on the mirror. Think about the design of your eyes, the veins in your body, the ability to differentiate taste and smell, the rhythm of your breath as well as the pump in close to your lungs. Think about your brain, have a close study of how each one of us has senses, emotions and feelings. How can Nature create such?. Is this the same nature we are working to save by 2050? Governments have to meet and agree how we will reach the 0 gas emission target.

We were created! We were designed! There is a creator behind the beauty around us. If you’ve no idea who he is, then its good to ask. Who is my creator? Reveal yourself to me. once we have an idea of who he is, then we would understand our destiny once we die. Visit at a close-by cemetery, think about how many lifeless bodies are lying in the graves never to wake up again and experience what we are experiencing. Their spirits are on a different world. They are dead. Think about the year 2121, neither me or you will be existing. We will join them. Where will we be? Do we have hope?

We are responsible to ensure that we have life after death will be exciting and joyous. But that cannot happen if we do not agree that the one who designed us, will be the same one who will take us back.

AND THATS GOD. Know Him, because he Knows you.

Stay Blessed.


Dont Yell at Your kids

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I grew up in a communal neighborhood where parenting applied to all the elders in the village. They believe it takes a village to raise a child. For example, irrespective of who my parents are, I could be disciplined by those around me in case I’m found in the wrong Interestingly, I am raising my kids in a society that strictly believes in “MY KID’s” and there is no way a stranger irrespective of their status in the neighborhood can discipline someone’s else kids.

Kids are raised with an understanding of their rights and to never ever engage with strangers. This makes life quite tough and difficult while bringing up these young ones. Trying to figure out how to balance between my and my kid’s upbringing, I have been convinced that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The struggle that lots of parents face is the ability to balance work, family, and their personal lives. In some countries, it is possible to employ a nanny to help raise your kids and relieve some of the homes chores helping the parents have some time for self-care.

Living in a country where recruiting a nanny is as expensive as employing a doctor in a third-world country, then I always struggle to answer the question, “Where is the best place to raise kids?“. Time frames are tight, every second and minute is counting, time is precious and costly as well as pressure to pay bills is always mounting. This then pushes parents to a corner where they find themselves frustrated and triggered when a child makes a mistake. Morning hours are rush hours and parents have to prepare their kids for school and make it to work at the same time.

Kids being kids, they love breaking the rules and doing the opposite. To annoy more they respond opposite to directions mostly when we feel we are in hurry to get things done. In this case, How do we respond or handle the situation? Do we remain calm and settled in a way that we feel everything will still fall into place or do we “Attack” the situation with commands and “Threats?”. Do we end up calling names or swearing at our kids? Do we sometimes prioritize our jobs and time more than these little ones? Are we well behaved with fellow adults than with our young ones?


Let’s think about the pain and fear we instill in our kids when we Yell at them. Think about the life pattern they will adapt from the parent and take over their own offspring.

Parents, let’s “KEEP OUR COOL”…. Let’s increase our patience and know that in a few years’ time, our kids will be responding better than they do now. Let’s figure out other ways we can make this work. You are the Parent, YOU CAN FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.


Stay Blessed.


God the Boss, You the focus.

LEADERSHIP Vs Confidentiality


Leadership Vs Confidentiality.

We live in societies where people believe that talking is exposing and exposing is disciplining.

That works for some people and doesn’t work for others.

There is a difference between a leader and a follower.

We have a family of leaders here.

If at any point you get to know something, then you jump on it without asking God what you should do, Then you’ll be suprised of the failure to expect.

Followers watch what leaders do.
They are not stupid.
They know how to evaluate great leadership.

Lead knowing someone is watching.
Lead knowing someone is learning.
Lead knowing that the future leaders are keen to learn from you.

Leadership works better when THE HEAD IS AHEAD OF THE MOUTH…

Have a lovely day from us.

Why we should get back to the kitchen.

These are interesting days when life seems to have been simplified by the services offered by mega businesses but if you think about it, we are losing it. Few years go we had the opportunity to learn and develop in our life skills but now with technology around us, We seem to be leaning so heavily on machinery for our daily survival.

Think about the days you could jump in the kitchen and prepare a nice meal. What has changed, Why are we depending on restaurants for our survival. Why do we think that someone’s else food is more delicious than our?

Have you ever thought why restaurant kitchens have only “STAFF ONLY signage?”. Now you should have some glimpse of what they hide and do behind the scenes. No one can guarantee the hygiene nor the quality of the food they offer. Unfortunately we cannot even know when we consume harmful meals. We might end up with upset tummies but we cannot track the source of our problems.

Learn how to cook for yourself and your family. Take time and grow interest. The best meal to consume is the meal youve personally prepared. Comeon, Lets do this. Let get back to the kitchen and eat healthy.

Many Blessings

Emmanuel Kitavi.

baby steps

We exist and live for a purpose I believe. Each one of us experiences life in a different spectrum. It is possible that the challenges and pressures we face in life shapes us differently. We have goals we crave to achieve as well as challenges we have to face.

It is important that we acknowledge the power of taking baby steps. Once a baby has been born, The parents will admire their young and innocent face as well as their soft and tender skin. Within a span of few months, Parents get used to the baby and they now start focusing on other issues of life that will enable the same baby enjoy life and be more healthy and secure.

In few years time, the baby will start mumbling and learning how to crawl. Before you notice, teeth pops out and we no more have a baby but a young kid who can jump around and face challenges. As adults we might think that babies face no challenges but they definitely face challenges defined by their level of growth. To us as adults, missing a meal isn’t a big deal, but to a baby that might be traumatic.

Being a father I have had an opportunity to see how babies grow and this has helped me understand the power of taking life at a time. Life will always hit us so hard that we feel we are the only ones experiencing the pain. We get tempted to take short cuts and think that we will achieve our dreams quicker. That’s not true!. We need to re-evaluate and defeat these lies. The reason we face challenges in life is that we come out stronger. Imagine of a life without barriers nor challenges. Life would be too easy to live.

Whatever you do or plan to achieve, take and plan your time. Face challenges in an orderly manner, knock them one by one, remember that one day you’ll get on the other side of the mountain stronger and wiser. Time to time you’ll start appreciating your patience and working towards hitting more valuable goals.

In conclusion, to live a successful life, Love yourself, Love your neighbor, and Love God. You will live a fulfilling life.

Stay Blessed.

Emmanuel M. Kitavi