2022, The Year of Ticking off.

Follow EWTheMuuo’s on WordPress.com On the 1st of January every year we all mark a beginning of a new chapter / season of our life’s. Most of us cannot wait to watch the beautiful fireworks exploding in different cities of the world. In some places it is nearly impossible to have fireworks so people haveContinue reading “2022, The Year of Ticking off.”

Do we ever think about DEATH?

There are two major stages of life that we cannot avoid irrespective of how much we try. They are, The day we are born and the day we will die. These life stages are so important but we tend to think less about them. We tend to consider the date we were born and dependingContinue reading “Do we ever think about DEATH?”

LEADERSHIP Vs Confidentiality

THINGS TO THINK ABOUT THIS WEEK. Leadership Vs Confidentiality. We live in societies where people believe that talking is exposing and exposing is disciplining. That works for some people and doesn’t work for others. There is a difference between a leader and a follower.A LEADER SETS THE BAR.A LEADER SHOWS THE WAY.A LEADER TAKES TIMEContinue reading “LEADERSHIP Vs Confidentiality”

Be yourself, everyone else is taken- Oscar Wilde.

We live in very challenging times where we experience the pain and pressure from different aspects of our livelihoods. Irrespective of our age, we face challenges that if not careful will throw us back to the starting point. There is always an idea of WHO CARES ANYWAY? But in reality we are faced with realitiesContinue reading “Be yourself, everyone else is taken- Oscar Wilde.”