Dont Yell at Your kids

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I grew up in a communal neighborhood where parenting applied to all the elders in the village. They believe it takes a village to raise a child. For example, irrespective of who my parents are, I could be disciplined by those around me in case I’m found in the wrong Interestingly, I am raising my kids in a society that strictly believes in “MY KID’s” and there is no way a stranger irrespective of their status in the neighborhood can discipline someone’s else kids.

Kids are raised with an understanding of their rights and to never ever engage with strangers. This makes life quite tough and difficult while bringing up these young ones. Trying to figure out how to balance between my and my kid’s upbringing, I have been convinced that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The struggle that lots of parents face is the ability to balance work, family, and their personal lives. In some countries, it is possible to employ a nanny to help raise your kids and relieve some of the homes chores helping the parents have some time for self-care.

Living in a country where recruiting a nanny is as expensive as employing a doctor in a third-world country, then I always struggle to answer the question, “Where is the best place to raise kids?“. Time frames are tight, every second and minute is counting, time is precious and costly as well as pressure to pay bills is always mounting. This then pushes parents to a corner where they find themselves frustrated and triggered when a child makes a mistake. Morning hours are rush hours and parents have to prepare their kids for school and make it to work at the same time.

Kids being kids, they love breaking the rules and doing the opposite. To annoy more they respond opposite to directions mostly when we feel we are in hurry to get things done. In this case, How do we respond or handle the situation? Do we remain calm and settled in a way that we feel everything will still fall into place or do we “Attack” the situation with commands and “Threats?”. Do we end up calling names or swearing at our kids? Do we sometimes prioritize our jobs and time more than these little ones? Are we well behaved with fellow adults than with our young ones?


Let’s think about the pain and fear we instill in our kids when we Yell at them. Think about the life pattern they will adapt from the parent and take over their own offspring.

Parents, let’s “KEEP OUR COOL”…. Let’s increase our patience and know that in a few years’ time, our kids will be responding better than they do now. Let’s figure out other ways we can make this work. You are the Parent, YOU CAN FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.


Stay Blessed.


God the Boss, You the focus.


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